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HISTORY 1950 - 1960

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A History of Tanat Valley Coaches & Motors - a family business.

However by 1950 the brothers decide it was time to go their separate ways. Bill, (the founder and elder brother) kept the lorry, hearse and car and moved his centre of operation to his home on the Brithdir. Elvin retained Pentrefelin garage and the buses.

From 1951 the trading name used was R.E.Morris. Elvin now moved his young family into Pentrefelin accompanied by John Thomas Evans May’s father. The family including close neighbour Margaret, Elvin’s octogenarian mother now began to make the new shape business grow and develop. The focus was on public transport with the two 29seater Bedford O.B’s being the main workhorses. In a short while another Bedford was bought this time a minibus based on the Bedford C.A van.

Local bus services were still happening though by the end of the 50’s the routes which had been so successful during earlier decades were now declining. The end of wartime austerity and the emerging boom in the motor industry were starting to take their toll on public transport.

The Tanat Valley Light Railway passenger carrying service finally ended in 1951. The then Denbighshire and Montgomeryshire County Councils decided to offer for tender the Tanat Valley bus route linking Llangynog to Oswestry. The successful bidder was Crosville. So the D79 was born.

Margaret Morris - in front of the Bedford OB's private hire buses at Pentrefelin in 1952

Margaret Morris - in front of the Bedford OB's private hire buses at Pentrefelin in 1952

R.E.Morris began to look at new markets. The 1944 Education Act and subsequent changes to education meant that children were now required to move away from their village schools into larger secondary schools based in nearby towns. As education was compulsory for students up to 14 years and later 15, there became a need for transport. Contracts were awarded often taking into account the fact that local village transport businesses should be the one’s called upon to carry out that transport. Elvin’s first school bus contract involved sharing a route with local rival Hughes Brothers of Llansilin. Hughes’ brought all the children from the Llansilin area along the Sycarth Road to the Penybont.L.E turn where Elvin would be waiting with his bus. The children would transfer to this waiting bus and the journey would then continue up the Tanat Valley to Llanrhaeadr and the newly created County School.

The years 1957 to 1959 became very dark years for the emerging little business. May, Elvin’s devoted wife and mother to three young boys became seriously ill with cancer eventually dying in January 1959 at the young age of 48. The very brief time she had in her new home with her young family and working in the now independent little business had nevertheless set the family and business off to a good start.

This tragedy as is often the case in close nit communities brought help and support from other family member. Elvin’s mother Margaret (now a very active ninety three year old) his three sisters, his brothers who, when able, were always there supporting him, the business and family. John Thomas Evans who had lost his wife and only daughter who now was in his eighties took on the role of looking after the home, cooking, receptionist and minder of the petrol station. The three sons Roger, Michael and Peter also had to take on responsibilities for the home and the business. The boys often acted as petrol pump attendants, accounts clerks, bus conductors, mechanics and coach cleaners.

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