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HISTORY 1915 - 1920

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A History of Tanat Valley Coaches & Motors - a family business.

It is the end of 1915 the Great War of 1914 to 1918 is raging across Europe and the founder of Tanat Valley is part of the Allied Expeditionary force landed at Gallipoli in Turkey. Private William Williams (Uncle Bill) is one of the thousands of British and Commonwealth troops enduring the horrors and privations of that terrible campaign and like many of his comrades he succumbs to dysentery. He is returned home to ‘dear old Blighty’ where he makes a partial recovery.

The army’s medical corp. decide that Bill is not fit enough for full active service but is posted to light duties and trained as a driver. His posting to Ireland finds him chauffeuring officers around that unhappy province of the United Kingdom. 1920 and demobilization, Bill still suffering from the effects of his war experiences returns to the Tanat Valley to get on with the rest of his life.

But life had changed forever for the young William; he no longer is the young healthy teenager, who had willingly gone off to war. Jobs were now hard to get and hard to keep particularly if you were not as strong and healthy as your mates. The excitement of travelling, the security of post war army life and the thrill of using the newly acquired skill of driving had all been taken away from him.

Then with the help of his mother and stepfather an opportunity starts to materialize. Motorized transport was in it’s infancy. Yes, the relatively newly created Tanat Valley Light Railway (opened on the 5th January 1904) was now able to bring passengers and goods into and out of the valley wonderfully quickly when compared to 17 years earlier, but what if you wanted to go quickly where the train did not go. A family conference was held and the momentous decision was taken to purchase a car. This strange and wonderful vehicle, a total mystery to the old folk, would now become the familiar tool of William’s new found career and so the infant travel company was born in 1921.

William was the middle son of Evan and Margaret Williams, John being the eldest and Edward the youngest. Two daughters completed the family Meg and Mary. Evan died a young man in 1901 leaving Margaret to bring up the family on her own.

In 1905 she married her second husband a widower with four daughters, Lewis Morris. Lewis and Margaret had two children Rosy May and then the baby of the two families Richard Elvin born in 1908.

Lewis Morris a roadman would leave the family cottage each morning to set off to work on his length of the county road between Pentrefelin and Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant station. Margaret would be at home seeing the young ones off on their daily 2 mile walk to the local school at Llangedwyn, a walk which the young Elvin detested often having to be dragged along by his elder sister Rosy May (the return 2 miles went a lot easier with Elvin often leading the way home).

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