Tanat Valley Coaches & Motors The Garage, Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant,
Nr Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 0AD


Garage Services

Garage in Kerry, near Newtown.

Located in Kerry, near Newtown, we offer MOT testing for classes 4, 5L & 7; servicing and repairs on retail, trade and commercial vehicles. Our high vaulted garage enables us to MOT motor homes and carry out inspections and repairs on large vehicles.

Driver Training

Driver training at Tanat Valley

Driver CPC Courses for 2013
£60 + vat per day
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Holiday Tours

Holiday tours provided by Tanat Valley

We are a family run business and offer a small but select programme of holiday tours, staying in comfortable hotels with good cuisine and lovely locations. Please click on the arrow to view our current brochure.

SERVICE X71 (Oswestry, Morda, Llynclys, Pant, Llanymynech, Four Crosses, Arddleen, Guilsfield, Welshpool, Kingswood, Montgomery, Abermule, Newtown)

Start End

Some journeys sponsored by Powys County Council or Shropshire Council Monday to Saturday (no service on Public Holidays except operates Good Friday) From 27th January 2014

Service NumberX71X71X7172A72AX71X7172X7172X717171X71X71X71
Oswestry, Bus St Std 307020702074208050945-1022112212221322142215051510162217071752
Oswestry, Park Gates07070707074708100950-1027112712271327142715101515162717121757
Oswestry, Marches Sch07090709074908120952-102911291229132914291515G1517162917141759
Morda, Miners Arms07110711075108140954-1031113112311331143115191519163117161801
Morda, School07120712075208150955-1032113212321332143215201520163217171802
Trefonen, Cross----------------
Treflach, Royal Oak----------------
Llynclys, White Lion07160716075608191000-1036113612361341B143615241524163617211806
Pant, Cross Guns071907190759---1039113912391344143915271527163917241809
Llanymynech, Dolphin-------1141-1346------
Llanymynech, Bradford Arms072207220802---1042-1242-144215301530164217291812
Four Crosses072507250805---1045-1245K-144515331533164517331815
Llandrinio, Trawscoed072907290809---1049-1249-1449--16491737HR
Arddleen, Horseshoe073407340814--08541054-1254-1454--1654-R
Guilsfield, Cross074107410821--09011101-1301-1501--1701-R
Welshpool High Street arr.074807480828C--09081108-1308-1508--1708-R
Welshpool High Street dep.07520752---09101110-1310-1510--1710--
Kingswood, Cock Hotel0806F---09241124-1324-1524--1724--
Montgomery, Town HallEF---09321132-1332-1532--1732--
Abermule, Waterloo Hotel08170817---09421142-1342-1542--1742--
Newtown, Bus Stn Std A0830J0830---09551155-1355-1555--1755--

SERVICE X71 (Newtown, Abermule, Montgomery, Kingswood, Welshpool, Guilsfield, Arddleen, Four Crosses, Llanymynech, Pant, Llynclys, Morda, Oswestry)

Start End
Service Number71A7172X7172X7172X71X71727172AX71X71X71
Newtown, Bus Stn Std A---0835-1005-12051405----1620D1810
Montgomery, Town Hall---0856-1026-12261426----EF
Kingswood, Cock Hotel---0903-1033-12331433----1643F
Welshpool, High Street arr.---0914-1044-12441444----16541842
Welshpool High Stree dep.---0916-1046-12461446---1541C17011843
Guilsfield, Cross---0923-1053-12531453---154817081850
Arddleen, Horseshoe---0930-1100-13001500---155517151857
Llandrinio, Trawscoed---0935-1105-1305-----16001720-
Four Crosses07070809-0939-1109-1309--1540-160417241903
Llanymynech, Bradford Arms07100813-0943K-1113-1313--1544-160817281907
Llanymynech, Dolphin--0920-1050-1245--1445-----
Pant, Cross Guns07120815092209451052111512471315-14471546-161017301909
Llynclys, White Lion07150818092509481055B111812501318-145015491553161317331912
Treflach, Royal Oak0721--------------
Trefonen, Cross0723--------------
Morda, School-0822092909521104112212541322-145415531557161717371916
Morda, Miners Arms07290823093009531105112312551323-145515541558161817381917
Oswestry, Marches School07310825093209551107112512571325-145715561600162017401920
Oswestry, Park Gates07330830093509581110112813001328-150015591603162317431921
Oswestry Bus Station07370835094010031115113313051333-150516041608162817481925

Codes: R: Stop served by request to driver S+MH: Operates every Saturday & Monday - Friday during Marches School holidays S+LH: Operates every Saturday & Monday - Friday during Llanfyllin High School holidays S+H: Operates every Saturday & Monday - Friday during college holidays Sch: Operates on school days only MSch: Marches school days only LSch: Operates Llanfyllin School days only WSch: Welshpool School days only B: Picks up on Shrewsbury Road NOT White Lion C: Extends to/from Welshpool High School on school days D: Commences from Coleg Powys on college days E: Operates via Caerhowell & Forden F: operates via Berriew & Garthmyl H: Continues to Ford as service 74 G: Operates via Croeswylan Lane to pick up at Marches J: Connection to Coleg Powys on service X85 K: On Wednesdays & Fridays operates via Courthouse Lane at 0941 and will operate between Llanymynech & Oswestry 5 mins later than shown. On the 1222 journey from Oswestry it will operate via Courthouse Lane on request on Wednesdays & Fridays, which may mean this journey will operate up to 5 minutes later between Four Crosses & Newtown