Tanat Valley Coaches & Motors The Garage, Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant,
Nr Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 0AD


Garage Services

Garage in Kerry, near Newtown.

Located in Kerry, near Newtown, we offer MOT testing for classes 4, 5L & 7; servicing and repairs on retail, trade and commercial vehicles. Our high vaulted garage enables us to MOT motor homes and carry out inspections and repairs on large vehicles.

Driver Training

Driver training at Tanat Valley

Driver CPC Courses for 2013
£60 + vat per day
Click here for details

Holiday Tours

Holiday tours provided by Tanat Valley

We are a family run business and offer a small but select programme of holiday tours, staying in comfortable hotels with good cuisine and lovely locations. Please click on the arrow to view our current brochure.

SERVICE 74 (Llanfyllin, Llanfechain, Llansantffriad, Llynclys, Pant, Llanymynech, Four Crosses, Llandrinio, Bausley Estate, Crew Green, Coedway, Alberbury, Ford, Gains Park, Shrewsbury)

Start End

Valid from 24 September 2016. Operates Monday - Saturday (no service on Public Holidays except Good Friday) Temporary timeable for the duration of the restriction on Llandrinio Bridge. Please note the codes (see below)

Service Number7474747474
Days of OperationS+HM-SM-SS+HM-S
Llanfyllin, Cross Keys07150915-1520-
Llanfechain, Old School07210921-1526-
Llansantffriad, Station Rest07250925-1530-
Llynclys, Dolgoch Bus Stop07350935-1540-
Pant Cross Guns07380938-1543-
Llanymynech, Bradford Arms07410941125715461729A
Four Crosses, Bus Shelter07450945130115501733
Llandrinio, Trawscoed07490949130515541737
Bausley Estate075509551311--
Crew Green, The Fir Tree07570957131315591742
Coedway, Church07590959131516011744
Alberbury, Village Hall08011001131716031746
Ford, The Leasows0810B1010132616091754
Ford Turn, A458/Butt Lane-101213281613-
Gains Park, The Onslow-10171333--
R.S Hospital, Mytton Oak Road-10201336--
Copthorne Barracks-10231339--
Shrewsbury Bus Station-102913451626-

SERVICE 74 (Shrewsbury, Copthorne Barracks, Gains Park, Ford, Alberbury, Coedway, Crew Green, Bausley Estate, Llandrinio, Four Crosses, Llanymynech, Pant, Llynclys, Llansantffriad, Llanfechain, Llanfyllin)

Start End
Service Number74747474X7574
Days of OperationS+HM-SM-SS+HCTM-S
Shrewsbury Bus Station, Stand N-1200135516351750-
Copthorne Barracks-1205140016401755-
R.S. Hospital, Mytton Oak Road Stop-1208140316431758-
Gains Park, The Onslow-1211140616461801-
Ford Turn, A458/Butt Lane-1216141116511806B-
Ford, The Leasows0819121914141654-1810B
Aberbury, Village Hall0828122814231703-1818
Coedway, St Andrews Church0830123014251705-1820
Crew Green, The Fir Tree0832123214271707-1822
Bausley Estate-123414291709-R
Llandrinio, Trawscoed0837124014351715-1827
Four Crosses, Bus Shelter0841124414391719-1831
Llanymynech, opp Bradford Arms0845124814451730-1835
Llanymynech, Tan-y-foel-1249----
Pant Cross Guns0848-14481733-1838
Llynclys, opp White Lion A4950851-14511736-1841
Llansantffriad, Station Rest0901-15011746-R
Llanfechain, Old School0905-15051750-R
Llanfyllin Square0911-15111756-R

Codes: CT: Operated by Celtic Travel A: Commences from Oswestry as X71 at 1705 B: Connects with Ford School with X75 from Shrewsbury S+H: Operates Saturdays, & Monday to Friday during Llanfyllin School Holidays. R: Stops served to driver to set down only