Tanat Valley Coaches & Motors The Garage, Llanrhaeadr-Ym-Mochnant,
Nr Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 0AD


Garage Services

Garage in Kerry, near Newtown.

Located in Kerry, near Newtown, we offer MOT testing for classes 4, 5L & 7; servicing and repairs on retail, trade and commercial vehicles. Our high vaulted garage enables us to MOT motor homes and carry out inspections and repairs on large vehicles.

Driver Training

Driver training at Tanat Valley

Driver CPC Courses for 2013
£60 + vat per day
Click here for details

Holiday Tours

Holiday tours provided by Tanat Valley

We are a family run business and offer a small but select programme of holiday tours, staying in comfortable hotels with good cuisine and lovely locations. Please click on the arrow to view our current brochure.

SERVICE 72 (Llanfyllin, Llanfechain, Llansanffraid, Vrynwy Caravan Park, Llanymynech, Pant, Llynclys, Morda, Oswestry)

Start End

Monday to Saturday (no service on public holidays except Good Friday) From 7th August 2015

Service Number74X717272727274X7172A
Llanfyllin, Cross Key0655-09001030122514251515--
Llanfyllin, High School--------1532
Llanfechain, Old School0701-09071037123214321521-1538
Llansanffraid, Station Rest.0705-09111041123614361525-1542
Vrynwy Caravan Park--0915104512401440---
Llanymynech, opp Bradford Arms07210808092510551250145015411544-
Pant, Cross Guns-08100927105712521452-1546-
Llynclys, White Lion-081309301100C12551455-15491553
Llynclys, Bryn Melyn---1102-----
Morda, School-08170934111012591459-15531557
Oswestry, Park Gates-08250939111513051505-15591603
Oswestry Bus Station-08300944112013101510-16041608

Codes: A: Service 74 to and from Ford or Shrewsbury C: Picks up on Shrewsbury Road, NOT White Lion M Sch: Operates on Marches School days only S+LH: Operates on Saturdays and Monday to Friday during Llanfyllin School Holidays LSch: Operates Llanfyllin High School days only

SERVICE 72 (Oswestry, Morda, Llynclys, Pant, Llanymynech, Vyrnwy Caravan Park, Llansanffraid, Llanfechain, Llanfyllin)

Start End
Service Number72A72A7272X7174X71
CodeL Sch
Oswestry Bus Station (Std 3)08050945112213221422-1707-
Oswestry, Park Gates08100950112713271427-1712-
Morda, School08140955113213321431-1717-
Llynclys, Bryn Melyn---1339----
Llynclys, White Lion0819100011371341C1436-1721-
Pant, Cross Guns--114013441439A1724-
Llanymynech, Bradford Arms--11421346144114451727-
Vrynwy Caravan Park--11521356----
Llansanffraid, Station Rest.0830100911561400-1501--
Llanfechain, Old School0834101312001404-1505--
Llanfyllin High School0840-------
Llanfyllin, Square-102012071411-1511--